From Tree to Bowl
Safety First

1. The Raw Material

4. Getting it on the lathe

7. Smaller, but now solid.

10. Taking a bit out of the center.

13. Second bowl blank pops out.

After the blanks are turned
they are coated with wax and
allowed to dry slowly over
several month before being
turned when dry
to finished size.

Safety First

2. Will it fit?

5. Starting to cut chips.

8. Now we have to turn it around.

11. Using the coring tool.

14. Cleaning up the big blank.

This process allows the
green bowl blank to relieve stress
before final turning.
The stress causes distortions that
are avoided for aesthetic reasons.
The dry blank can then be turned.

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Safety First

3. Center the piece.

6. Getting it in straight.

9. Cleaning up the face.

12. We'll get two out of this one.

15. Cleaning up the small blank.

The finished dry bowl is
then free from distortion.
Being wood, however,these bowls
are subject to the relative
humidity of their environment.