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Some Recent Creations

10 1/2" dia. x 7 1/4" high Maple Bowl.

This piece tried to eat my hand.

It was only partially successful.

After watching Lyle Jamieson turn crotch bowls
I came back to VInecroft and made a
couple of these out of elm.
This one was recently purchased as a wedding gift.


This diminutive Yew bowl went home to

Vancouver, British Columbia

with Alan Smythe

This 9" dia x 3' high bowl might just stay in my own collection.

It's made of Spalted Maple with a Walnut foot.

Natural Edge Maple bowl was purchased for a wedding gift

It measures 9 1/4" dia x 5 1/2 " high.

and is now in a private collection in Rockford, Illinois

Michelle's Yew Vases

These two beautiful Yew Vases now reside in the

permanent collection of Michelle Lynn Wybenga

7 3/4" dia x 3 3/4" bowl was a nice piece of Ash

Purchased to be a wedding gift later this summer

Cherry Salad Bowl measures 13 1/2" dia.

Now part of the collection of Jan Ellis

It exists thanks to a good friend who forced me to make it.

Closeup of a Cousin of the Three Sisters

Black Locust with Knots
10" wide x 6" high