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The Three Sisters Now
In their permanent residence at the

Doug Wierenga House, Saugatuck, Michigan

Three Sisters in their new niche

Doug Wierenga built this space just for the Three Sisters.

Three Sisters overlooking the wooded wetland

He wanted to see them with his wooded wetland as a backdrop

Three Sisters in dining room

They compliment the modern dining room table and the bubble lamp well.

View from where they sit

Looking toward the kitchen from the Three SIsters view point

Roger Timermanis painting faces dining room

A Roger Timermanis painting also faces the dining room.

View of kitchen

The Wierenga kitchen

The south side of the kitchen facing living room

Here we see the entertainment side of the kitchen cabinet arrangement

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View of Living Room

The Living Room

The master bedroom suite

The master bedroom suite

(Master bath not shown as I was too taken by it to

remember to take the picture. I'll get it on the next visit.)

Second view of master suite

Another view of the master suite

The living room form the bedroom hall

A view of the living room and kitchen from the master bedroom hallway

Large abstract painting

More of Doug's art collection

Swimming Pool

The Swimming Pool

Timermanis Painting

Another work by Roger Timermanis

Wooded wetland view from living room

The view of the wooded wetland through the living room

View from bar into kitchen

The view from the bar into the kitchen

Thee Sisters from outside

Look closely through the reflection in the window

and see the Three Sisters

as well as Charlie, the real owner of this house

The guest bedrooms and bath facilities as well as the

storage and garage areas are not shown here.

The Wierenga home was built by Doug Wierenga and Jeff Spangler

who are partners in the home building firm of Lakehome Builders,

Saugatuck, Michigan

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